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SEO Kings are a leading provider of SEO web services for individuals and corporations looking to significantly boost their rankings in the search engines through the use of white hat seo techniques. In the present world it’s now more important than ever to have an online presence (as you’re almost guaranteed that your competitors will have their own websites) yet many people make the mistake of getting a website built with a great web design and then sit back and expect the money to start rolling in! In the early days of internet marketing this may have been the case but in todays’ competitive marketplace everyone needs a quality SEO web services company in their arsenal.

Link building (aka backlinks) is the key in raising your SERPS (search engine results page) but to drive lots of diverse (and hopefully money-making) traffic to your site you also need to enlist expert SEO services of a company that can assist with press release submissions, article submission services, social bookmarking submission, social media marketing (by helping you to get more Facebook fans and increase followers to your Twitter account), social bookmarking submission and a variety of other cheap backlinks services. It’s almost certain that any of your competitors that are ranking highly in Google are utilising many of these optimization services to get them where they are.


Many people shy away from using a search engine optimisation company because of all the jargon involved and many SEO web services companies don’t do much to perpetuate this myth! If you Contact Us we’ll be as straight-forward as possible and not promise you the earth just to get the sale. Be wary of any company guaranteeing you top spot in Google (a frequently used money-making scam) as there are too many variables outside a SEO consultants control to make such claims. Also be wary of seo companies that display all of the regular services we do but aren't as transparent with their pricing i.e. they want you to contact them via email to get more information. It's a tactic frequently used by companies to ascertain the size of your company (and charge you accordingly) and also to spam you to death offering their seo services. We have nothing to hide which is exactly why we display our pricing upfront!

Unlike most other SEO web services providers we encourage to try our cheap backlinks services to see if they provide you any movement in the search engines thus saving you money (if you have a bigger budget and are looking for something more powerful or a bespoke service please CONTACT US)

Services we offer include:


As mentioned earlier, if you are looking for something more specific and long-term drop us an email (we aim to get back to you within one working day). We are very flexible and can tailor solutions to meet your demands and budget.

We promise you we will provide you with the best seo service by exceeding your expectations. Each order comes with added bonuses AT NO EXTRA COST so you have absolutely nothing to lose. If you would like to gain more business, more traffic and ultimately more money make a start by contacting us today for your White Hat SEO campaign to commence!