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    For any company wanting to increase their online profile, get their product/service noticed and to drive traffic to your website paying for the best press release submission to authoritative news wires is a must! Out of all the wealth of seo web services available to an organisation submitting a press release is one of the most powerful and effective methods of creating awareness for your brand.

    By using the proper press release format your one submission to a single source could have the added benefit of being distributed to countless other sources! From a search engine optimisation (SEO) perspective a press release submission also helps your website to rank better through being associated with (and having links back from) these websites with high page ranks. The best press release format is one that shares a story as opposed to a hard sell advert for your organisation. No one wants to read something that is too sales-pitch orientated so the aim is to make it as engaging as possible to generate as much interest and for people to be sufficiently interested to click-through to your site.

    Benefits of a Press Release Submission

    Increase In Website Traffic – As mentioned earlier the press release submission may well get picked up by other media sources and press release sites. This submission will have your website link within it so any prospective customers or interested parties can go direct to your site for more information, to contact you or best of all buy from you if you offer services!

    Gives You An Air Of ProfessionalismPress release submissions have traditionally been a means for large companies to market themselves more effectively. Utilizing the power of the internet a press release submission is now within any companies means regardless of size. This has the added benefit of giving your company more credibility. Prospective customers will see you as being an expert within your field and helps gain their trust. It is also likely they will have visions of you being a big, well-established company (even if you are a sole trader operating from home!). This could lead to bigger contracts or purchases than you would normally handle.

    Building Your Brand – If an established news source is publishing your news story not only does your company gain credibility but it creates brand awareness. The more sources that distribute your story the better known your brand becomes and the more likely someone will look to buy your products/services. It’s important to note that 80 million people read the news online every day. By having the correct press release format you can target these potential customers by making them aware of your brand.

    Get High Quality Backlinks – Once your press release submission has been distributed on the internet it has the added SEO benefit of getting your website backlinks from well-established media sources. The greater backlinks you have from sites with a high PR (page rank aka websites authority) the more likely your website will rank better in the search engines. By paying for a professional PR written by someone with years of experience you can ensure effective use of your keywords within the release and also some low-competition keywords which will yield very powerful results. This is a highly effective search engine optimisation tactic and one which is frequently overlooked.

    Cost Effective – Although in theory you could draft your own and submit a press release through manually visiting free distribution sites not only would be it be time-consuming but also as with anything that is free, you get what you pay for so don’t expect great results. As mentioned earlier a professional PR writer will know the correct press release format, how to use keywords effectively within it and how to make the content flow in such a way that it engages customers (and makes them want to click on your website links to learn more) and catches the attention of journalists as well instead of getting ignored and diluting it’s effectiveness. Paying for a press release distribution is a must-do and the small expense will ensure you get an excellent return on your investment (provided you don’t pay more than a couple of hundred dollars for one – at we presently charge only a measly $147!)

    It Gets Syndicated By Others – The purpose of your PR is to get as many eyeballs on it as possible. By submitting it to press release sites your press release submission will be sent out to thousands of publications but in addition to this will get picked up and posted to many other sites on the internet. The key in this however is to make your press release as engaging as possible and this means embedding logos, pictures and videos to catch journalists attention (let’s face it they must be bombarded on a daily basis with bland soul-less corporate PR’s so you have to make yours stand out!). The more journalists who take the time to view your release the better the odds of it getting syndicated to other publications and ultimately more exposure to the information you wish to relay about your company/brand. Some studies have shown that including a video in your press release increases views by as much as 55%. This is also a great way of improving your videos/pictures viewing and seo ranking. As a result it’s worth investing in video submission services to link your video to.

    Trust – Nowadays people are easily able to find out how reputable a company is, it’s products are and how its service is simply using the power of Google. If they can’t find anything about your company online what chances do you have of getting their business? A good PR will ensure that you get a lot of exposure from reputable sites. When people search for keywords that have been used in your press release they should see your PR and thus be aware of your company and what it offers. The fact that your site has been reported on well know news sites will establish strong trust in your brand and should ultimately lead to more business for you.

    Now that you understand the benefits of a press release, take a few minutes to visit our site at and see what the best press release submission service can do for your business!